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80s - 90s

  • 04:07 Popular Dui Ekan Dui

    Dui Ekan Dui

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    Movie: Faishala Singer: Mahesh Khadka/Anju Pant Music: Mahesh Khadka Actors: Rekha Thapa/Biraj Bhatta/Richa Ghimire Director: Madan Ghimire

  • 04:30 Popular Safal Timro

    Safal Timro

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    Prakash shrestha's nice nepali old song

  • 03:41 Popular Jati Chot Dinchhau Deu Mayalu

    Jati Chot Dinchhau Deu Mayalu

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  • 04:55 Popular Sajha Ko Jun Sangai

    Sajha Ko Jun Sangai

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  • 04:00 Popular Chot k ho

    Chot k ho

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    Late, ARUN THAPA dai, sang from his heart.Amazing musician. see song no 2 also,

  • 03:52 Popular Bhulu Bhulu lagyo malai

    Bhulu Bhulu lagyo malai

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    Amazing song, see my other videos of veteran singer Late Arun Thapa ji.

  • 05:02 Popular Ritu Haruma Timi

    Ritu Haruma Timi

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    Arun Thapa's Ritu Haruma Timi - Original Live Nepal TelevisionCopyright: musical composition administered by Music Nepal Namaste

  • 05:37 Popular Jati maya laye pani

    Jati maya laye pani

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    -gretest singer late Sir, Arun thapa's golden song - really mind blowing-sorry for image-but sound is very nice, after all this is Arun Dai song.

  • 04:00 Popular Anjaan Mayalu

    Anjaan Mayalu

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    Nice scene.... I didn't capture the video.. They were ripped from youtube. This song is from Crossroads' first album (Naya Mode) released in 1992.

  • 04:52 Popular Okely


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    Nepali music video of a band called Okely.

  • 04:11 Popular Jati Heryo Uti Heraun

    Jati Heryo Uti Heraun

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    A great song by Mohan Bhusal

  • 05:24 Popular Lajalu Muskan le Priyeshi

    Lajalu Muskan le Priyeshi

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    (Lyrics)Lajalu muskan le priyashiChori lagyo maan mero timi leLajalu muskan le priyashiChori lagyo maan mero timi leMayalu kehi ta bola naChahan chhu timi lai bhana naMayalu kehi ta bola naChahan chhu timi lai bhana naGajalu aankha le hera naLajalu muskan