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  • 06:43 Popular Timro Tyo Kadke Heraima (Unplugged)

    Timro Tyo Kadke Heraima (Unplugged)

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    Singer:Sanup Paudels Lyrics:Bhupendra Khadka Music:Sanup Paudels

  • 05:21 Popular Jaha Chan Buddha (Unplugged)

    Jaha Chan Buddha (Unplugged)

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    Singer: Bhakta Raj Acharya Musician:Bhakta Raj Acharya Lyricist:Bhakta Raj Acharya

  • 04:00 Popular Chot k ho

    Chot k ho

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    Late, ARUN THAPA dai, sang from his heart.Amazing musician. see song no 2 also,

  • 03:52 Popular Bhulu Bhulu lagyo malai

    Bhulu Bhulu lagyo malai

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    Amazing song, see my other videos of veteran singer Late Arun Thapa ji.

  • 05:02 Popular Ritu Haruma Timi

    Ritu Haruma Timi

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    Arun Thapa's Ritu Haruma Timi - Original Live Nepal TelevisionCopyright: musical composition administered by Music Nepal Namaste

  • 05:37 Popular Jati maya laye pani

    Jati maya laye pani

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    -gretest singer late Sir, Arun thapa's golden song - really mind blowing-sorry for image-but sound is very nice, after all this is Arun Dai song.